Sunday, August 25, 2013

71. Early Morning Ramblings

I couldn't sleep properly again last night... and this morning. Sometimes insomnia hits me, and although it happens more when University is in session, I experienced it today as well. I know I'm tired, as well as my body and eyes, but I just cannot sleep. So I just end up reading books and comics for the night. So last night, and early this morning (it is currently 6:15 am as I type this), I tried reading my "The Fairytales of the Brothers Grimm" and "A kiss before you go" by Danny Gregory I borrowed. It didn't really work. In fact, "A kiss before you go" got me near to tears because you can just feel his raw emotions through the handwritten art journals. Anyways, I also usually read some Garfield comics on my phone before I sleep, but it didn't work this time. So, in the end, I actually slept for about an hour and a half at the most so far today. I do have some melatonin pills that I could take, but I'll rather not because I took some menstrual crap pills earlier. I don't have enough chemistry knowledge to say for sure that mixing the two is safe so I'll rather be safe than sorry.