Wednesday, August 28, 2013

73. Rant of the Day

A new mall opened up near where I live today... or rather it was renovated. Apparently, a lot of money was invested into renovating this mall and now it's the biggest one in the area. So, a lot of the shops were doing promotions, but I only restocked on Clinque's Acne Solutions (clearing concealer) from Sephora. The price went up for it again... before it used to be $17 and today I bought it for $19 (not including tax). At least I got a free Sephora tote with it. After that, my mom and I just walked around the mall, looking for the food court because we left before eating anything. We got to the food court and because the stores were pressed for time, some of them weren't even open yet (like Fresh Slice and Qoola). However, there was KFC, except their light wasn't open yet, so I asked one of the employees for when they would open and they said around thirty minutes. After waiting for at least twenty minutes, I asked again and they said twenty to forty minutes. By now, all I ate was three pieces of cracker I brought along just in case for situations like these. So, we gave up waiting and KFC lost a lot of customers that day. A lot. Especially because it was opening day as well. Too bad for them. So, we headed off to Walmart because I remembered that usually at every Walmart there is McDonald's. And joy to the world, there was. I got in line, ordered my food (it was a pretty quick queue), and waited for it to arrive. The people that ordered after me got their food already and I was still waiting, so I asked an employee that I think my order might have been cancelled because I waited for a long time already. And this other girl overhears me talking and says that my order was on the OTHER SIDE of the cashier when usually (and for the other orders), it's placed on the side where I was waiting. Stupid customer service. I hate places with crappy customer service. It was a horrible way to end off the day. Although the mall is close by, some of the stores had really bad customer service. And you'll think they'll be at least somewhat decent considering it's now the biggest mall in the area and it was just renovated and on top of that, on opening day! But no. It's like they don't even want to keep their business open anymore.