Sunday, August 11, 2013

65. Weekend Wonders #5

I haven't been blogging as much this week because I just have a lot on my hands. I have this To-Do List constantly hanging over my head and bothering me in my sleep, and I have a final exam coming up very, very, insanely soon. However, once that exam is over, I will be free. Yesterday, I went to get a haircut, scan in my artworks, and finally bought films for my Vivitar camera! I can't wait to try it out (after my final exam). I also studied for a while at the library, and did it again today when I got a ride. I was just about to finish up the notes for the final chapter when the library shooed us out. Oh well. After writing notes for the last chapter of the textbook, I realized that I should have done it throughout the whole textbook readings. Now, I totally regret it. I think I'll try to cram as many notes as I can before the exam of the chapters that I'm not too confident in. It's a good thing I took geography classes in both grade eleven and twelve, as well as in the first semester of the University so I already know the basic outline of some of the things we have to learn.

On a happier note, last night, after I uploaded some of my artworks onto Tumblr, I went to bed (after checking repeatedly for any new likes, re-blogs, or new followers), I had this crazy dream where I woke up and checked my Tumblr again and I had 70 new followers. Crazy, right? I guess your true desires come out in your dreams. But, when I checked just now, my total number of followers is just a sad goose egg accompanied by a stick (in other words, 10). Soon, I will get my hands on an amazing scanner and be able to scan my artwork like a boss. For now, I'll just have to settle and do the best with what the scanner at the library offers.