Saturday, August 24, 2013

70. Vancouver Outing

I went out to good ol' Vancouver today, near Gastown and it seemed as if time just flew by. I went with Pumpkin and because last time we went on a Sunday, everywhere was closed. However, not today! We could finally go check out some of the really cool stores and boutiques, and although they're all so expensive, it was really cool being able to check out these places! We first went to a cafe called Lost + Found and had some quick brunch. I just ordered soup because I had some homegrown corn in the morning. I really liked the cafe because it was just a wide open space, somewhat like a studio. The decorations were really cool and here's just one little section of the cafe.

After that, we just walked around and checked out some of the boutiques. We went into one called Artemisia and it was like a mix of Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters in a Topshop setting. The clothes and home decoration pieces were beautiful and really antique-like, but alas, it was expensive (hence the Urban Outfitters and Topshop reference). Either way, it was fun walking through the store and checking the products and clothes out.

Then, we went to Opus where they sell legitimate art supplies (not like Michael's). We both bought a large roll of craft paper because it was on sale for $2.20!! I should have bought another roll. Oh well, maybe next time when I finish the roll up and they have another sale for it. There is so many things I can do with it, like make wrapping paper, or my own notebook, or cute envelopes aside from just drawing on it! I'm so excited to use it!

Our last stop of the day was to the Vancouver Public Library. I borrowed three art books. They're mostly drawings or sketches by other artists. I like flipping through the pages and looking at other people's art. It can really motivate me. I borrowed Danny Gregory's "A Kiss Before You Go", David Shrigley's "What the hell are you doing?", and "Sketchtravel", a compilation of art from various artists. So far, I finished David Shrigley's "What the hell are you doing?" and I must say, viewer discretion is definitely advised. It is not meant for weak hearts and people who can't take sarcasm well. A lot of the pages made me go "Oh what." or "Oh my goodness" and make big eyed expressions because they were really unexpected. But, some of the pages were quite interesting and made me think. But, it was still mostly pretty sad and gruesome.

Overall, I feel that I accomplished a lot today and had a lot of fun (and exercise)! Unfortunately, I took most of my pictures on my Vivitar so I can only show you pictures once I get the film processed and printed. I can't wait to see how they turned out!