Wednesday, June 5, 2013

22. Some Pictures

Just some pictures I took this week since the weather has been lovely so far! I hope it continues to stay this way!

I would always start off with my dog, Winston, of course!

He was licking his paws in this one, but I didn't manage to press the shutter in time and missed it.

It's a decorative well, and the leaf growing in there is actually a pumpkin. It'll be interesting to see how it looks like when pumpkins actually appear.

The cloud-full sky.

The sky with the chimney top. There used to an abandoned nest in there I think, because the fireplace wasn't used for a long time.

I really, really like globes. They're just so beautiful! The craftsmanship that goes into these globes (be it traditional, classic, or modern) I just love them all! I'm just too attracted and fascinated by them.

Some flowers and leaves. These flowers smell really good! But, can be a bit overbearing if there are too much!

Another shot of a flower. I love the dark petals and the way it looks like waves!