Saturday, June 8, 2013

25. Dreams: Weird

This past week, I've been getting some weird dreams. But since they are dreams, I tend to forget about them pretty quickly. But last night was somewhat of a cute, weird dream. Basically, we have some wild rabbits living at my house (like under the trees or somewhere), and sometimes they'll show up, and sometimes not. But, inside this dream, somehow one of them got inside the house, and I managed to trap it with a big pot. When my mom got home, I lifted the pot to show her and this rabbit was very still. It was still living, but very still - as if almost calm. It had two very pink paws, almost like a newborns, whereas the rest of the body was grey. Anyways, I lifted it up like how you would to a baby sitting up on your arms, and brought it over to my mom. Then I woke up. And now I want a real bunny.