Monday, June 10, 2013

27. Dreams: Magical

I had a really weird, but somewhat of a magical dream. It reminded me of Harry Potter because of the sorcery-like things that happened in it.

I was being chased by someone, and someone close to me gave me a journal (I think it was a red leather bound journal with a string wrapped around it to keep it closed). The journal also came with a neat looking pen (somewhat like a feather pen). Apparently, the one that gave me this journal told me that instead of like a regular journal where events past were written, anything that is to be written down are events to come. So, if I wanted to fly to Island A, all I had to do was write "Today at noon, I flew to Island A." However, there was a catch - every time I used the journal's powers, I would lose a bit of my memory. Despite this however, because I didn't have any other magical powers, I had to use the journal, and tried it out and managed to escape from whoever was chasing me.

I found myself in a room that looked like a walk-in closet, sitting down in a circle with other people. I remember them talking about going somewhere and dressing up, and soon, everyone left with only a young girl left. But this young girl wasn't like any other young girl: she was small like a baby, but could walk. But, ultimately, she was small. So, I just carried her instead in my arms and we left downstairs into a fancy-looking restaurant. 

However, because I used the journal's powers, I forgot that I was being chased by someone. Nevertheless, I knew that someone was chasing me, and I knew that I was suppose to have forgotten it. It seemed like I was all omniscient-like, being able to see everything objectively from a third person view. Because of this feeling, I jumped onto a boat with the little girl, and we sped off. It was at this time, the person that was chasing me appeared, suddenly jumping out of nowhere like a ninja.

And then I woke up.