Friday, June 21, 2013

35. Thanking Friday #3

I missed last week because I slept over at Chenyue's house. But, this week, Thanking Friday is back!

Some things I'm grateful and thankful for are
- How my mom raised me. Some people might not realize it, but our parents really do put in a lot of effort.
- All the artistic inspiration I'm surrounded by!
- Having my own camera (this is one of the few things that I am so glad I bought - the money was totally worth it)
- Flowers! Be it fake or real, they really are soothing to look at!
- Having watercolour paper, because this paper is amazing. It's just not the same with drawing on plain paper versus this glorious 300 GSM watercolour paper that's 25% cotton rag with a cold pressed surface and acid free! (Yeah, I totally copied that from the watercolour information sheet) And, in case you're wondering, I bought it from Chapters, but here's a website link that you can probably get it from as well. The paper is really, really, insanely thick.