Thursday, June 20, 2013

33. S/S 2013 Wardrobe: Black

These are my current closet essentials for the colour black!

Everyone needs a little black dress, and I got this lace detailed one two years ago. I really, really like things with lace. They just add that extra cuteness. I usually wear this dress with a blouse on top, tights on the bottom, and black flats.

I bought this sexy shirt from H&M and I really like it. It's not stuffy when I wear it because of the mesh detail at the top and the material is very thin and somewhat stretchy. There is also a gold zipper at the back, which I love! I usually wear this on special occasions, like concerts or presentations, with a blazer on top.

And, of course, the leather jacket. I believe that every girl should have one. Instead of a spring jacket, I would opt for a leather jacket. Why? Because, it's stylish and it keeps you warm, yet still refreshing. I usually just throw this jacket on whenever I go out because it simply completes an outfit. But, this leather jacket of mine has one downfall: it's too heavy. Whenever I leave it unzipped, it really hangs on my neck and gives me a really bad neck ache. For that reason, I try to zip it up whenever I wear it, or hang it on my shoulders instead.

This blazer is from H&M as well, and I was captured the moment I laid my eyes on this beautiful, structural piece of art. A bit exaggerated, but I really like the blazer. This is my first blazer and although it does not have pockets (which was somewhat saddening, but I got over it), the lining on the inside is so cute. Although the outside is formal, the inside makes it more feminine. When the sleeves are rolled up, the pink lining also shows through! I love details like these! There is also just one button, but I don't really like buttoning it up (because then it would hide whatever nice top I was wearing inside!).

And lastly, a simple, black cardigan. During the spring and summer on those warmer days, but slightly still cloudy, I love wearing just a simple cardigan. And because my closet is already pretty dark, why not wear a black cardigan to match it with? Nah, just kidding. My closet has gotten better with some bright, new pieces, but majority of them can still be paired with this black cardigan, which is great! Black is just such a versatile colour, and it makes you look skinnier! Two birds, one stone!