Friday, June 28, 2013

40. Recently

I drew a few more of the mini watercolour prints, experimenting with colour and effects.

These are ranunculus flowers. They look like bundled up roses with green, yellow centres, and reminds me of a cabbage rose. I really like these flowers because of the whole bundled up look, but also because of their petals! I drew three of them in different colours and added in some pattern in the background.

This was just me experimenting with yellows. I have three different yellow watercolours, so I decided to mix them together to see how it would look. I dotted yellow mixed with a lot of water at the top, and dragged the brush down to create a manual paint drip.

This was experimenting with different colours and seeing how they matched with each other. Obviously, it didn't come out that well, so I covered it up with some banners, which I filled in with solid colours. For the paint drips in the background, they looked different compared to the yellow experimentation is because I held the paper perpendicular to the table, and blew on it, giving the paint freedom to go wherever it wanted. And, in this case, it did not go where I wanted it to.