Sunday, June 16, 2013

31. Weekend Wonders #2

Wow, it's been four days. What have I been up to?

Chenyue had a gathering for friends (couple days before her birthday), so we had a lot of fun. There was a lot of yummy food (like KFC, donuts, chocolate dipped strawberries, pierogi, and chips) and we played at the background out back. When night came, we celebrated with sparklers and took a ton of pictures (which will be shared once my friend upload them onto Facebook). I slept over and stayed until the afternoon, playing some board games and poker, and also looked at her recent art pieces (they were seriously amazing) and her baby pictures. It was really cool looking through her albums because apparently we went to the same tourist-y places before! After I left, I went grocery shopping with my mom and came back home at night. Then the following day, which is today, was my brother's commencement.

There were a lot more students graduating from his school than there were at mine (we went to different high schools). There were a lot of cheering, cameras flashing, and shaking hands. When my brother went up across the stage, obviously I had to embarrass him by shouting "Yeah baby brother!" *Sidenote: My brother and I don't really get along that well but the laughs and looks coming my way were pretty funny. I think I can call it mission accomplished.