Wednesday, June 12, 2013

30. RIP Chick 6

The past two days the youngest chick has been having trouble eating, wheezing without a sound, like gasping for air. It could only eat a little bit, and because it would huff and puff, it would rest a while before eating again. And when it was eating, it was hardly anything. So, my mom would take the chick away and feed it its favourite food while watching it.

Today, it finally collapsed and helplessly, I could only watch.

At first it was opening and closing its beak. Almost like it wanted to say something.

Then, it fell on its sides.

And finally, as if it were having a spasm, flopped and flapped around everywhere while on its' sides.

Then, it stopped.

Even though we haven't known each other for very long, I have observed the youngest one as it was always the slowest and didn't seem to eat much. However, it was the brightest of the six chicks. It was very smart and would always be on the lookout for danger and food. It was always cautious, unlike the other chicks that would charge right forward.

I will miss you, little chick.

Rest In Peace.