Monday, June 17, 2013

32. Brother's Birthday

Today was my brother's birthday, which coincidentally was right after his commencement. I gave him a Dr. Seuss book "The Places You'll Go". It's the most cliche present, but it is popular for a reason. I love Dr. Seuss' books, and you can say I actually somewhat grew up with them. I remember going to the library when I first immigrated to Canada and borrowing lots of books with Dr. Seuss' being one of my favourites. Anyways, that's what I got him. After dinner, we had mango cake and I only had a slice because I had to watch what I eat (diets are difficult).

That's his fingers trying to get the chocolate decoration off so he could eat it.

I also bought a white blouse from H&M a couple of days ago. Check that off the shopping list! Although it's not the same as Everlane's, I still like it nonetheless because of its details! I really like the gold button accents against the white blouse. I can match it with a lot of things as it is one of those "staple essentials". Did I also mention it was on sale for $15?

I also finished a quiz today for my summer course, so I can finally concentrate on working on my Drawing a Week. I've been neglecting that lately, but I can't wait to pick it up again! I better finish off last week's and this week's quickly before the week is over!