Saturday, June 29, 2013

41. Hermit Hole

This is my dog, Winston and I. I was giving him a kiss and this shot took me three tries before I got it. After this successful shot though, he leaped up because he wanted a real kiss!

Anyways, after I took this picture, I left for the University to look at a place to live for next year. We found a great place and it was really spacious and included all utilities (expect Internet) and the rent was a steal! We looked at the place and quickly decided that this was it. It was kept really clean and the distance to the University was pretty short as well. By bike, it would probably take me around five minutes. On foot to the nearest bus stop took me two to three minutes. The location is convenient and the manager people seemed really nice! I'm really glad we were able to snatch such a great place! I can't wait to live with my friend(s) next year together! But, aside from affectionately calling this place our Castle, truthfully, it will be more like our Hermit Hole, for we plan to just shut ourselves in our place (except during class, mandatory events, and going home for the weekend). This is so we can both achieve out goals of obtaining a high GPA and doing well in both academics and clubs. I really want to do well for next year!