Tuesday, June 11, 2013

28. Red Things

I was looking through some blogs via Bloglovin, and came across this blog, which gave me an idea to do the same! I chose red things to start off this colour wheel feature with.

  1. Cute hair elastics from H&M's kid section
  2. Coca Cola iPhone 3G case from a friend
  3. Teddy bear candy tin from a friend's souvenir to Britain
  4. Gift box from local cute stationery shop
  5. British phone booth bank
  6. A picture of flowers taken by Chenyue
  7. Staedtler red pen
  8. Red watercolour from Michaels
  9. Mini desk calendar from a dollar store
  10. "Be Mine" heart shape from Superstore
  11. Crocheted red heart phone strap from an anime convention