Monday, July 1, 2013

42. S/S 2013 Wardrobe: Skirts

These are my skirts for the summer! They're mostly high waisted because that's my favourite style. You can wear high waisted bottoms and they'll look good because not only do they accentuate your waist, but you can also hide your belly after stuffing yourself!

I bought this skirt online and still haven't wore it yet, but I'm planning on wearing it lots this summer because I love the realistic flower picture for the fabric and the colour scheme. I would probably wear it with just a plain tank top or t-shirt on top, maybe with a cardigan if there's some wind or clouds.

I also bought this online and I just love the fabric. The colour palette is so summer-y with the pinks, reds, yellows, and mint! I wore this to my brother's commencement with a blank tank top and black blazer, matched with black tights for some modesty at such a formal event. But, it can also be wore casually with just a white tank top for a breezy and girly feel, and paired with a denim shirt.

This is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe! I have only ever bought one thing from Aritzia, and this is my second purchase. But! I bought this particular skirt from a community thrift store for less than $20! It is a full out A-line skirt (which I have been fawning over recently). The skirt is somewhat loosely pleated and because of the simple, but elegant blue shade fabric, it can be dressed up or down! I really, really love this skirt. I'm so glad I was able to snatch it at such a great price!

I bought this skirt last year from Forever 21. The fabric is very flow-y and romantic. It is a lace layered cream coloured skirt with a waistband, so I can wear it as high waisted with a cute polka dotted loose black tank top and a casual blue stripped blouse. This skirt feels great against my skin when I wear it and because of the lace, I can doll myself up without feeling awkward (as compared to wearing a leather jacket with skinny black jeans).

I bought this skirt two years ago, I think, from the kids' section at H&M. I had to get the biggest size or else it would be too short, but it is slightly loose (nothing a nice black belt won't fix though!). I wear this skirt for dates or just to an informal event. I usually just pair it with a white tank top, black cardigan, and a nice black belt with black tights and black flats. It's a pretty simple coordinate, but it works!

I bought this skirt online as well, but it was two or so years ago during my crazy online shopping phrase. I look back to those days and I think I was very outrageous, to a point, going crazy with the online purchases. Anyways, I have already outgrown that and I do not regret it a bit! Anyways, I usually wear this skirt as I would the skirt above. Basically the same coordination, just different skirts. It's pretty simple, but my favourite part of this skirt (aside from the cute cherry fabric), is the lace underneath, which gives it a cute and romantic feel!

And, of course, a black leather skirt! I bought this for a cheap price at Sirens, so the quality isn't that amazing. But, it works. It flares out like an A-line skirt should with pleats. The structure is very similar to the Aritzia skirt, but just different fabric material. During the winter, I wore tights underneath and a red sweater on top. But, now that it is summer, I would switch out the tights and sweater for just a nice white blouse with details on top. Maybe accessorize a lot to give the coordinate more attention and glam.