Tuesday, July 2, 2013

43. Yellow Things

It has been a while since the last Colour Thing, so here is another one: The Yellow Edition. Most of these yellow things were given to me as presents or souvenirs.

1. Sephora x OPI nail polish in Cab Fare
2. Miffy necklace from a friend for my birthday
3. Camera with ribbon necklace from Chenyue for my birthday (but the thread connecting the ribbon and camera came loose and I keep forgetting to fix it, sorry Chenyue!)
4. The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Soap from a friend for my birthday
5. Bracelet I received from an aunt
6. Star necklace from XXI (this is actually backwards, but I like this matte side from than the blinged out side)
7. A Hawaiian flower necklace from a friend (she got me this as a souvenir when she went to Hawaii and had lots of yummy food)
8. Dried up dandelion wreath I helped a friend make (I gathered the flowers and she did the hard tying up together of the flowers)
9. Stash's Citron Meyer tea
10. An "Ask Me" button I received from a conference at the University (it was more like a presentation of our work)
11. A music box's music maker (?) I bought from a community vintage shop (I'm not sure what the actual name is)
12. Sparkling yellow lead pencil from a friend (all the way from Korea!)
13. Staedtler triplus fineliner in yellow
14, 15, 16. Reeves watercolour in Yellow Ochre, Medium Yellow, and Lemon Yellow, respectively
17. Yellow Miffy highlighter from a friend (all the way from China!)
18. A small Coach card wallet from a friend for my birthday
19. Cute bear fan from an aunt (all the way from Hong Kong!)