Thursday, July 11, 2013

47. At UBC

I went to the University today to take care of some course registration business. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and fluffy clouds. Too bad it was cold and gray this morning so I wore my new Zara red stripped sweater with jeans. I regretted not wearing a simple tank top and lightweight cardigan in the afternoon when the sun came out. Anyways, I brought my camera with me and took some pictures!

I saw these beautiful flowers and they were all growing upright! It was my first time seeing these kinds of flowers and they looked so pretty! The pink hues of the flowers are just too pretty!

In standing formation!

More flowers! But this time, white coloured instead of pink, but still just as beautiful!

For the longest time, I couldn't figure out what this was until near the end of first semester when I read the sign at the bottom. Instead of a DNA strand, it was actually a tuning fork! Make sure to read all signs if you're curious! Save you time and makes you look smarter.

Outside one of the library, there lies these big white bean bag-like... beds? I wanted to try to sit on it but because my cleanliness freak was on high alert, I didn't. Maybe next time when it rains and clears up, I will go try (if it's not gone by then!).

And of course, the infamous clock tower. There were a lot of funny/cool/interesting/crazy things that happened at this clock tower. One being that a cow was led to the top and a helicopter had to go and get it down. Pretty crazy, right?

Wall art I came across! It's pretty amazing! But, I wonder what they drew it with?

Walking pass the SUB (Student Union Building), and saw this cute and creative "sign" for The Bike Kitchen. It's a place where you eat bike parts. Nah, just kidding. It's a place where food are made to look like bikes so people will be more aware of different transportation options and also of the climate change and whatnot. Okay, I kid. It's actually just a place where you can get your bike fixed. But, wouldn't it be cool if food were made to look like bike parts? But then it'll probably be pretty expensive because it'll take so much time to make it!

That's about all, I'll take more pictures when I go out if I remember to!