Wednesday, July 31, 2013

58. Krause Berry Farm Outing

Today was the activity that I looked forward to the most this week! We went to Krause Berry Farm and although we didn't get to pick raspberries, I was able to get delicious raspberries through other means! We went on the mini tractor-train tour and that was pretty fun (especially when we head back to the gift shop because the tractor pulled us really fast). I didn't take a picture of the blueberries I picked because I gave them to a friend. My parents both love blueberries so a few days earlier, my dad bought home a bunch (and personally, I don't really like blueberries). He bought home too much, so my mom had to dry them out and store them as dried blueberries for future use.

In the drying process! Good thing the weather has been so cooperative!

Anyways, back to Krause Berry Farm, not Milly's Berry Farm!

These are the pictures I took after I had my two raspberry ice creams (with chocolate dipped cones) and berry tea. Each ice cream was given two scoops of ice cream and the chocolate and no chocolate dipped cones were the same price. It was only $2.89 (tax included)! Compared to the other places we've gone, it was the cheapest ice cream that was worth much more than its price! I love local people! Against the conventional thinking that it's the locals that make their prices skyrocket through their roof, it's actually the complete opposite! They try to bring you the best, while keeping the prices reasonable and fair!

These pictures were taken inside the pretty flower garden!

Isn't this little glass house just adorable? I love the "Home Sweet Home"!

Adorable bears made of grass/moss! I wanted to take one home with me!

More stand-up flowers! Once you notice them, you can't stop seeing them everywhere!

Another pretty house to welcome people into the garden! I love the colour theme the farm chose for their houses!

The gate of the garden.

Inside the garden. I wonder if those arches are used? Rose arches along the way would look amazing!

Just look at the sign on the house for "Flower"! The "W" is in the shape of a tulip! So creative and cute!

Exiting the garden, you can find yourself having a little refreshment at the Winery! Unfortunately, no drinking on the job, but maybe next time when I come here in my own time!

This is the gift shop and the people outside are eating these delicious looking berry waffles with whipped cream! Unfortunately, the cream is not freshly made, but it looked yummy nonetheless! It was a bit too expensive for me, so I held back.

Here is where the concession lies. They serve ice cream and other bakery goods and drinks! This is where I got my berry tea from. Although I was looking forward to having their yummy Berry Trifle, it ran out so I chose the tea instead.

This is inside the gift shop with its amazing array of creative decorations!

Look at the shelves with the cute strawberry vine decoration! I love how it's paired against white furniture!

Rolling pins hanging from the beam and cute signs for their products!

There were cute signs everywhere! Like this one, it says "Eat Your Veggies" at the local veggie stands.

Look at the size of these berry pies! They were around $15! If I drove here myself, I would definitely pick one up! They look so mouthwatering!

Some products they sell! They are all arranged with a theme, so for this section, it's the strawberry themed corner!

Two years ago, they had a giant strawberry Lego instead of this blueberry one. I prefer the strawberry one because it had more colours than this just blue blueberry one. Nevertheless, still pretty impressive!

I like how they have a lot of lighting! Some shops usually ignore lighting, but I think it is one of the most important structure in a store! If you skimp out on the lighting, then not all of your products will be seen. I really don't like shops with dim lighting either! It makes it seem very shady and it's like it's just telling you that their products are horribly made so they turned down the lighting so you won't figure that out (like Hollister and A&F).

Some of their strawberry themed merchandise. You can see a strawberry shaped neck pillow at the back. I actually bought one two years ago, but lost it when I moved. I wanted to buy one again, but decided against it because it was too small and I don't travel as much as I like.

The most adorable signs!

The gift shop is also connected to the Winery through this outdoor pathway. Pretty convenient if you ask me!

On the way to the Winery, displayed on the side of the pathway.

These were the seats at the counter! Aren't they amazing? I wanted to try sitting on one, but I was worried they'll think I was ordering something, so I didn't.

The last few pictures taken at the playground outside. I think the entrance to the playground is very befitting and clever!

Overall, I had a great time at Krause Berry Farm! The employees were very nice and smiles all around! I love customer service that treats each of their customers as if they were the first customers of the day!