Wednesday, July 17, 2013

52. Stanley Park and Prospect Point Outing

Today, we went to Stanley Park's gift shop and totem pole area, then walked along the seawall to the water park. Because we had to take pictures of the students playing, it was awkward when we reached the water park with the girls, especially, wearing their bikinis and one pieces. After that, we went to Prospect Point for the view high up to look at the Lions Gate Bridge, and to get some ice cream. Tourist places sells the most expensive ice cream and refreshments ever.

These are some of the pictures I took. This one is of the gift shop at Stanley Park. I like the name! There were also dream catchers on sale. Although I wanted one, I decided against it... it was too expensive for just a small one.

The totem poles at Stanley Park. This is a must picture for everyone that comes here!

Walking along the seawall.

Can you see the yellow triangles at the back? They're sulfur.

I never knew you could fish here!

Lots of geese swimming in the ocean. At first the students didn't know what they were called so they kept saying either crows or eagles. It was pretty funny.

Looks like a mermaid, but the name of this statue is "Girl in Wetsuit".

Then a dragon.

Lions Gate Bridge from Stanley Park's seawall.

Then we arrived at...

The gift shop showing off its patriotic pride.

Where you can buy expensive, tourist-priced food and refreshments. I like the "EAT" sign.

The view from Prospect Point!

Lions Gate Bridge from Prospect Point! Much clearer and closer than at Stanley Park!