Friday, July 12, 2013

49. Thanking Friday #4

I'm thinking maybe I should do these either more often... or once a month seeing as how I have skipped a lot of Fridays already. But anyways, I guess I'll just pretend I didn't skip and continue on!

Some things I've grateful and thankful for:
- I got a job at one of the places I have loved volunteering for!
- I got an executive (?) position at a club at the University that I'm super excited about
- All the awesome people who are courageous and funny on YouTube, giving us hours and hours of laughs and enlightenment!
- Beautiful weather we've been having! (As you can probably see by the dozens of sky pictures I've taken on both my blog here and on my tumblr!)
- Our home grown veggies! Because, without them, we would have to have done a lot of grocery shopping without knowing where our food came from! With our own mini home vegetable garden, we know exactly where and how our food came from! And the best part is that you can just pick and eat!