Friday, July 26, 2013

56. Idol Milly

I wasn't sure if it was just a one-day thing with the kids, so I didn't mention it yesterday, but they continued to "idolize" me today so I will talk about it so I can remember later on how I was once an idol with my own little group of fans!

I'm working with kids right now and I help out in the classroom. The kids are learning English and so whenever they don't know how to write or spell something, I would spell it out for them, or write it out on their paper. So, yesterday, I wrote a few words on a girl's paper and she really liked my writing, calling it "cute". Of course, I was very flattered, but she didn't stop there. Her and another girl wanted me to write down the whole alphabet for them so they could copy my writing. But things are never that easy with me! I gave them a condition: if they could finish their journal about what they did yesterday in class, then I would write it out. But, because they couldn't finish until the end, I just wrote half the alphabet. They wanted me to finish writing it, but we did a little compromise: they had to write another journal aside from their daily journal and homework, and if there were less than six mistakes, then I would write down the alphabet for them. This way, they would be able to improve their English and do their homework! Two birds, one stone!

The next day (or today), one girl finishes it with only five mistakes, so I write down the alphabet for her. But, the other girl had more than six mistakes, so I didn't. But, I promised them that if on Monday they have less than six mistakes, I will write the alphabet for the girl that didn't get it today, and I'll write some vocabularies for the other girl.

Also, girls like to hang out in groups, so these two girls shared their newly found idol with their friends, and eventually I had little groupies. It is quite an experience I must say!