Friday, July 12, 2013

48. Nails and Fruits

I painted my nails again today since I'll be going out for the next few days... weeks... month! I'm so excited!

Products I used:
- Sephora by OPI Base Coat
- Sephora by OPI: Dear Diary...
- Sally Hansen Strengthening Top Coat

At first, I did the Dear Diary pink base coat with Flurry Up! silver glitter on my ring finger, and as a french nail tip for the rest. But I didn't want it to be so flashy or party-like, especially if I'm just going out normally with friends.

So, I redid my nails and just used the Dear Diary... pink nail polish for a simple, but cute look!

I also found out recently that the smell of grapefruit combined with strawberries is amazing. I want to try mixing them together next time... when I have both on hand anyways, into a smoothie! I wonder how that would turn out....