Wednesday, July 3, 2013

45. Nails and Art

The sky today was really pretty. And I painted my nails as well.

I used a base coat from Sephora by OPI, then the base colour is from Joe Fresh's cosmetic line. The lavender colour is called Lilac, and I added some sparkle from Sephora's Flurry Up!. Then, to keep it from chipping (and to get it to dry faster), I used Sally Hansen's top coat.

I've also been filling more pages in my sketchbooks. 

This is an ink piece of a kitchen scale (that I bought from Daiso) with a girl inside. I tried to draw the girl as famished, like not having enough to eat. The piece is titled "Weight", and it is what I depict my diet like. Going on a diet is really hard, but I will do my best to get the body I desire! Anyways, this girl, and the next two pieces of girls are inspired by this artist, and the eyes are inspired by Otani Issei.

The cylinder object the girl is hanging from is just a cut up piece of plastic water bottle. I was using it as a substitute for putting my paint brushes in for a while. At the bottom I put rocks to stabilize the weight of the brushes. This piece is called "Hold" to show how the girl is holding on onto the paint brushes, which are representing her creative process.  

This piece was just a fun one I did with a girl dancing (ballet?) on top of a pop can. As you can tell, this piece is really meant to be comical as it is titled "Thirst". My mom doesn't really like me drinking pop (because it is bad for you) so whenever I get the chance, I feel like it is a very floating feeling, somewhat like a celebration - so a girl dancing was used to represent that. Also, thirst can mean both craving food or drink, and craving an object.

These two are part of my "Soul" collection. The one to the left (fish) is "Soul I", and the one to the right (deer) is "Soul II". I got this idea from a CD cover (but I forgot which band it was) when I was at HMV. I have always loved patterns and these pieces are just combining lots of different geometric and free form patterns. I titled them Soul because of the  pattern right in the middle of their body. It does not seem grotesque, but it has this sort of magical element to it. I'm not sure how to describe it, but I really like these pieces, so I'm probably going to do some more similar ones in the future.

This piece was inspired by an manga I read ("Alice in Wonderland (Anthropology)"). Because it's a compilation of different artists using the story of Alice, I'm not sure which author it was. But I really liked the idea so I created my own. Instead of a normal chimney, I used a diamond instead, which is funny because a chimney is nothing like a shining, bright gem. I tried a new style of drawing hair and I quite like it.

Anyways, that's all for now. I'm heading out tomorrow to pick up some movies for the weekend. Hopefully, it won't be scorching hot like how the past few days have been!