Wednesday, July 3, 2013

44. S/S 2013 Wardrobe: Gray

These are my gray wardrobe essentials for the season! I've started taking a liking to gray t-shirts, so there will probably be more in the future. Gray is a very versatile colour to wear. Like white and black, it can match with almost anything! It's one of the basic colours that goes well with a simple pair of jeans and belt.

This cardigan is from XXI and it's lightweight, but still keeps me warm on those cold summer nights. I like the stripes and the big buttons. This was purchased back when I was really into stripes.

I bought this at Gap's outlet store in the States and the material really surprised me! Aside from when I was very young, I haven't shopped at Gap until this purchase. The material is very sturdy (it keeps its form) and I really like the button details! I substitute a spring jacket with this cardigan because it does the job nonetheless.

This t-shirt was bought online and the material is quite decent for an online purchase. I really like this t-shirt because it's very simple, but still has that fun factor. It actually came in three colours: white, gray, and lavender. I wanted to get all the colours but I thought that it might have been an overkill if I did that. Nevertheless, I wear this a lot because it's just so easy to throw on and match with jeans.